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Recreating the phrasal template word game Mad Libs with image recognition.

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Project Overview

MadLads is a mobile web app reinvention of the famous phrasal template word game called Mad Libs, in which a player is prompted to fill in blanks to create a custom story. In this reinvention, the player chooses words by scanning items around them with their phone camera. 

Contribution: machine learning development, creative coding, interaction design

Collaborator: Yana Gevorgyan

Design Challenge

How might we leverage the power of neural networks to add an explorative twist to the classic template word game?

The mobile game is inspired by the classic the phrasal template word game Mad Libs.

In the game, players input words by scanning objects around them. The program uses imageClassifier(), a web-friendly image recognition model.

We created an eye-catching and energetic visual system for the mobile experience

Designed and developed in 36 hours, the final product was a winner at BitCamp 2019.


With MadLads we created a fun and experimental game that anyone with a smartphone can play. Using my pre-existing knowledge of design and development, I was excited to bring image recognition and web speech into a game that many of us are familiar with. MadLads is just the start of many ML-related projects I wish to explore in the future!

We are proud of the smoothly functioning image recognition and phrasal template system, and our user experience design. We paid close attention to giving the user helpful feedback and options, such as allowing them to retry to capture the word and providing them with a little counter to keep in mind how many images they have left to take. Another example of user experience that we are proud of is our consistent style guides and interactive onboarding in the first slide, where the user can start trying out the image recognition system from the get-go.

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