I utilized motion graphics to explore variation and emotions expressed in music. You Best Friend is a quirky, upbeat song composed by Toby Fox. I created a range of abstract shapes and energetic movements to capture the temporal and rhythmic quality of the song.
Role: Animation, Storyboarding
Tools: After Effects, Illustrator
Animation Elements
Shapes, color, and textures
The song reminds me of childlike joy. Squiggly lines seen throughout the first scene, as well as arch shapes in the last scene, are inspired by the rhythmic yet jumpy tunes in the music. Diamonds are derived from the crisp and clean tunes that are built upon the base rhythms. I also creating a limited color palette of bright pink, teal, yellow, and purple to give the piece cohesion and uniqueness. Grains and textures are utilized to capture the childish and playful quality of the soundtrack.
Lively movements and the use of overshoots
Throughout the animation, I utilized an abundance of overshoots to delineate the energy and flow of the music. Shapes and forms appear move across the composition with intensity and eager.
Here are some sketches I drew while listening to the song.
Still frames
Final Animation

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